Located in the heart of the Mile-End, the vibrant and welcoming studio has been promoting optimal progress in movement and well-being since 2009.  

The studio is equipped with two Reformers—one including a tower—, a chair and a barre, as well as a range of accessories for enhanced floor work. Each class has exclusive access to the studio, with a maximum of 6 students for Pilates Mat classes.


“I love the small class-size. The benefits are significant remediation and much-needed hands-on correction. Nathalie Roy Pilates/Méthode Franklin offers a healthy dose of strengthening and lengthening.”

- Philip

“J’ai commencé à faire du Pilates avec Nathalie il y a plus de 5 ans, suite à une intervention chirurgicale qui m’avait beaucoup affaiblie. Elle a non seulement su me remettre sur pied mais m’a également insufflé une inaltérable envie de m’entraîner de façon régulière! Je ne me passerais plus de ses cours, de son approche, des images qu’elle donne et qui me permette de continuer à tonifier mon corps semaine après semaine, mois après mois, année après année.”

- Viviane


Our teachings are built on the integration of the Pilates and Franklin methods.
Movement is a way, as much for us as it is for you, to understand how you inhabit your body. In the long run, our teaching tools and your own practice’s benefits will ensure you acquire greater physical and mental strength while surpassing your own challenges in order to go about the world with more ease and confidence.

Nathalie Roy

Trained in contemporary dance, Nathalie Roy devotes herself to the Pilates method in 2004, and to the Franklin method in 2015. She is now rich of more than 25 years of experience in movement teaching.

Human in her approach yet demanding in the foreseen results, her passion stimulates the urge of learning and surpassing oneself.

Having herself been rehabilitated through Pilates, she is convinced of the method’s effectiveness. She has chosen to diversify her clientele’s spectrum - equally working on rehabilitating and athletic bodies -, and is referred to by osteopaths, physical therapists and doctors.


“Physical fitness is the first requisite to happiness.”

-Joseph Hubertus Pilates

Developed by German-born Joseph Hubertus Pilates (1883-1967), Pilates is a series of physical exercises with or without apparatus, aimed at stabilizing the unstable and mobilizing the immobile. It particularly focuses on the spine’s articulation, posture, muscular strengthening and flexibility.

Through incorporation of biomechanical body principles, this supervised form of training encourages the construction of new functional motion patterns, improving joint lubrication, tissue elasticity, as well as boosting respiratory capacity and the immune system.

Practiced consistently, Pilates harmonizes the musculature and improves overall physical fitness and well-being.

Franklin METHOD®

“Better information improves your navigation.”

-Eric Franklin

Developed by Swiss-born Eric Franklin (1957-), the Franklin Method® is based on the power of Dynamic Neurocognitive Imagery (DNI™), drawing on body and mind to enhance posture, function and quality of movement, as well as proprioception. Scientific evidence shows that imagery-based training is one of the most effective methods for achieving positive and lasting physical and cognitive transformation.